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new love | Pittsburgh Newborn Family Photographer

When I got the call that I was being invited back into the home of this family to shoot their second daughter I was super excited. I love how my clients welcome me in like family.   I just hit it off with this amazing mom. She is so gorgeous and looks like she just stepped out of a magazine …… let’s not even talk about how amazing her figure is eight days post pardum. I just can not wrap my brain around how she can look that good!!! Even beyond that she is just an amazing person….

always so complimentary, genuine, and kind.

I am sharing a few images from their session, but we have some surprise ones that you’ll have to wait to see!


Big sister was  loving her up!

Check out how similar the girls look:



passineau-28wm passineau-27wm passineau-14wm

Beautiful family of four