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No symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy.
– Bern Williams

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teddy bear | Chicago Family and Child Photographer

A Boy’s Verse:To My Teddy

When I was only four days old

You came to live with me

And gave me all the love you hold

Quite unreservedly.

Oh Teddy Bear

I still love thee

As much as I did then,

Though now we both are forty-three

And very nearly men.


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Good Times | Pittsburgh Child & Family Photographer


Good Times

These are the times I love the most,
When we’re together as a family
And we’re all so close.
Talking about our favorite memories
Inspires me to go on
Even when the world
Seems to have done me all wrong.
The Good times
Make the bad ones seem so small.
My family’s love
Always helps me when I fall.

- Natasha Niemi salvitti blog logo


Toast of the town| Pittsburgh Child and Family Photographer

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