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 Big week here at M&M. We just moved into our new studio space on the North Shore. And we are about to bring something big to our fellow photographers ; – )

Over the past year I have been working really hard to hone in on what I love.

I love to spend time with my family and I love to shoot clients. So thinking about the direction I wanted to take my business, I felt that I needed to streamline my workflow.  I began creating lightroom presets for my own work flow. I would find myself using the same settings for my RAW files over and over. As I started to utilize lightroom more and more I saw my time behind the computer drastically reduced! I was finding more time to play on the swing set with my kids and more time creating art for my clients. Win win, right? Well, I also started to think about all the other photogs out there that were in the same shoes as me…. all the people I mentor, those working their tails off to balance it all, and even the moms that just want better images of their children. I want to share that with you.

I have created a set of presets for lightroom  to be used on your RAW files. Now not every preset will work on every image. Some may need slight tweaking. This set is designed to work on how I shoot. These are the actual presets I use on my edits over and over. You will find I tend to underexpose a tad so adjusting the exposure on some presets may be necessary to fit your shooting style. I will tell you that with one click, perhaps an exposure adjustment and a quick sync- you will be able to edit a sets in no time flat.  This is as quick as it gets to “one click editing” !!!

Sooooo- with much anticipation I am super excited to announce the Heavenly Harlow Collection of Munchkin and Mohawks RAW presets for Lightroom .

So- go get your hands on these now!!! You can purchase them at the link below.


*look for videos and suggestion on best type of image to use each on in the coming weeks*




The Heavenly Harlow lightroom RAW preset collection $69
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This lovely image is from the super talented Sylvia Borgo of Sylvia Borgo Photography


Happy Halloween Hawkshop Style | Professional Photographer Mentoring

I know some excitement has been brewing in seeing the workshop images. So in between the craziness of  the portrait holiday season, I finally am getting to share these with you.

Who’s idea was it to throw a photographer’s workshop at the start of busy season anyway?! haha.

The Hawkshop was an amazing weekend to say the least. We hosted a small group of photographers at an authentic woodland lodge. Now when I say authentic I mean… internet connection authentic, lol.

It was a great time to un-plug and plug back into out craft. We discussed everything from styling, to composition, to finding  “good light”.

We also spent sometime post processing and reviewing portfolios. I think  my favorite part was to watch the attendees have an ah-ha moment. When we started reviewing portfolios you could see them already begin to self critique- yes!

Again- I just want to thank all of the girls who came out to meet us- the amazing sponsors, who I loooove on a daily basis ( post with all of them to come soon! )- and our amazing models, you all were so patient with us!

Now enjoy some Halloween images- Hawkshop style!

Now for some fun snaps from the Retreat……

And the whole gang.

xoxo you guys!



Gearing Up!!

Did I mention how excited we are for the Hawkshop this weekend??

If you still don’t know about the Hawkshop- take a look here. This photographers retreat is going to be incredible.  I can’t wait to meet this wonderful ladies and get this show on the road!

We have some amazing sponsors for our workshop and I wanted to give a quick “shout out” to a couple of our favorite vendors.  Check out these amazing new wall displays created by Ariana Falerni here 

Featuring the always beautiful Organic Bloom frames

Be sure to like them on Facebook- it’s the bird’s eye view of their hottest new things!

48 hours til the retreat…… counting down!



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