Happy Halloween Hawkshop Style | Professional Photographer Mentoring

I know some excitement has been brewing in seeing the workshop images. So in between the craziness of  the portrait holiday season, I finally am getting to share these with you.

Who’s idea was it to throw a photographer’s workshop at the start of busy season anyway?! haha.

The Hawkshop was an amazing weekend to say the least. We hosted a small group of photographers at an authentic woodland lodge. Now when I say authentic I mean…..no internet connection authentic, lol.

It was a great time to un-plug and plug back into out craft. We discussed everything from styling, to composition, to finding  “good light”.

We also spent sometime post processing and reviewing portfolios. I think  my favorite part was to watch the attendees have an ah-ha moment. When we started reviewing portfolios you could see them already begin to self critique- yes!

Again- I just want to thank all of the girls who came out to meet us- the amazing sponsors, who I loooove on a daily basis ( post with all of them to come soon! )- and our amazing models, you all were so patient with us!

Now enjoy some Halloween images- Hawkshop style!

Now for some fun snaps from the Retreat……

And the whole gang.

xoxo you guys!



  1. I was just wondering if you have any additional information about possibly attending a Hawkshop? I saw some posts about the ones you have had before but no info on any future workshops available, location and pricing.

    I am currently in the market for a workshop for photographers and I have always admired your work from posts on ILP. I would love to hear any and all info you could provide.

    Thanks :)

  2. Oh Tiffany! So fun to see these. It was such a great experience for us, we really had a great time. It think that my favorite is the one where the girls are peeking out from behind the trees, but I also love the first two and the ghost in the forest images. How perfect to post these on Halloween!

  3. Whenever I see your work, I always glow. Its like I am living another life. I would love to take one of your workshops. I bet those photographers learned so so much!