life is like a dream…………..| Salt Lake City, UT family and child photographer

Returning feeling so inspired from another trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. There is something about this place that get my creativity flowing and my heart filled up.

For years I have been blessed to work with the amazingly talented stylists at Koko Blush & Co.  Finally we had the chance to make some magic together in person. The collaboration process with other creatives is literally like something I have never experienced. I think when we are all starting out in our creative journeys, we feel like we need to make things on our own, but as I grow in my craft t becomes so much more clear how working with others makes an explosion of innovative ideas. We make each other better artists. We cause the other to stretch and dream. It is a beautiful thing……..a dream, really.

Thank you Koko Blush, Emily Burke Photography, and Bloom and Grow Photography for making me a better person/ artist/ friend.

Love you!

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salt flats salt lake city utah salt flats siblings salt lake city utah


California Dreamin’ | Pittsburgh Child and Family Portrait Photographer

This lovely family traveled all the way from California to create some magic with us, and of course, we just happened to “find” our very own little orange orchard ;-)

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Roots | Pittsburgh Child and Family Portrait Photographer

There are two gifts we should give our children: One is roots, and the other is wings.

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One Fish, Two Fish….. | Pittsburgh Child and Family Portrait Photographer

This little cutie sailed away with our hearts. He was smiles the entire time and loved splish splashing with the fishies. Could he get any more adorable!?!

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