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small miracles | Pittsburgh Child photography

It really is an everyday miracle.

A baby to be.

Even more astonishing when two little ones are being created all at once.

For those of you that follow Munchkins and Mohawks know that weeks of preparation go into preparing a shoot- from styling to location – hair and makeup coordination. It is quite the process.

So when an unexpected need to shoot ASAP comes up- we  all kick it into high gear and pull together. With the help of my lovely crew….. Beth- our amazing stylist, Lisa Johnson- beauty enhancing makeup artist, and Ashely- my right hand girl….. we made this very special session happen. Thank you.

This couple could not be more deserving of  little twin babes. He just adores her- it was so fun to be around them. They exude love for each other and their two little ones. These little babies have no idea of the love that they have in store for them. Blessed kiddos for sure.

So now as mom snuggles into the hospital for the duration-we wait to meet these little ones. I am so grateful that we were able to capture this exciting time of anticipation.

So stay tuned for their debut!