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Monkey Business | Pittsburgh Professional Commercial Photography

 How cool to be able to watch this family grow up. I met this guy in his mommas belly almost exactly a year ago. Now to see him today- so happy and content. He was just a joy to spend the day with.

His mom really knows how to dress this kiddo. Of course I always have some ideas, but I never have a doubt that she is going to bring something fabulous.

Now lets quit monkeying around and get to the pictures!



Seriously- we could have left after these images : – )…..He totally rocked it! haha

little munchkins with a mohawk | Pittsburgh Professional Photography

Kind of seems crazy that each year as the holidays approach the thought of shooting my own family is dreadful- so this year I took a different approach to it. No fancy clothes- well, maybe on the baby…she doesn’t talk back yet..lol- No sit here and pose or do this or that and guess what? You only want to shoot for 20 minutes, okay?! I tried to capture my own little munchkins as they are.

My oldest- hates the thought of taking pictures, but once he is there he LOVES it an totally pulls out the GQ moves.

My middle- never ever stops moving- won’t look at me to save her life and is generally just the goofiest little thing!

The baby- super sweet, photogenic, and pretty much the cutest baby out there.

So there ya have it my little imperfect perfect family.

Yep- she just mooned me!

Told ya she was crazy!

Check out those thighs!

liam | McMurray Children’s Photographer

Having had a baby myself just two weeks older that this guy was pretty cool.  I enjoyed seeing him doing what we are just experiencing. The first smiles, cooing, and a bit of crying! hehe. I know were are just getting the the awake and happy phase, just.now.this.week.  So, despite our efforts to get him in a deep sleep or happy and playing- mister was so over me messing with him. I think I managed to get his sweet personality though. We finally waited him out and got some lovely sleepy shots outside.

So having come quite a distance to have his pictures taken…..about a 5 hour drive, I hope we made it worth it ! reynolds-8wm reynolds-10blogwm


Love his little smile here ; – )