Sassy Pants | Pittsburgh Professional Photography

Are there really words for this? If you have ever had the pleasure to meet her- you’d get it.

my larger than life 26 lb star.

More good things to come in the next few days, but I just couldn’t hold this one back.

Good night beautiful people!


Persnickty Clothing | Professional and Commercial Children’s Photography

Ouch!!!! I pinch myself!
How could it be? Me? Little ‘ole me??? I get to shoot for my favorite clothing line !!!!! How can this be????

I am blown away by the fancy little frocks that come from Persnickety Clothing Company. They are childhood. Beautiful. Playful. Colorful. and Fun. So take a moment to enjoy the splendor that they create.

Look at your little ones and realize just how precious they are. Full of hope, freedom and joy.

Encourage them. Love them. And let them be little.

Do the things that make memories.

Dance a little………

Play pretend…..

Look for rainbows…..


quietly steal your moms flowers……

Swing as high as you can……

Spin till you are dizzy….

Go barefoot…..

Hug your sister…..

Make best friends…..


Sell lemonade…..

Dress up….. Eat cake…..

Tell secrets….. Be a princess….. Make a wish….. Look pretty…….

Giggle till your belly hurts……

Have a staring contest……
Go fly a kite…..

b e      a      k i d

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Persnickety Clothing

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Persnickety baby | Pittsburgh commercial and professional photographer

Just a quick post to start off the weekend.

How can it be?? My sweet baby is going to be one????? We headed out for a little impromptu session this morning because ….SHE STARTED WALKING!!! Although outside on the wet grass she was a bit reluctant. So not fabulous walking images, but some pretty sweet cheeks!

Doesn’t she look fab in her adorable Persnickety outfit?!

Welcome spring!


sugar & spice and everything nice | Pittsburgh commercial child photography

Where dreams run wild….

Dress up is always in style….

And days are filled with tulle and laughter.

That is where we are headed.

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