lets do it again | Pittsburgh Professional Child photography

Looks like it might be the week of baby pictures ; – ) Me and my sweet baby girl.
I love her eyes so much- oh and her chub.

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She’s one *sniff sniff* | Pittsburgh Professional Child photography

I never got around to posting this, but I am feeling sentimental today on the first birthday of my sweet girlie.

One year ago today we were doing this……

with my dear friend Heather of Weddings by Heather capturing it all.

Happy Birthday my beautiful baby girl.


Big Birthday Weekend | Pittsburgh Professional Photography

Wow. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed today. It is THE birthday weekend. The first birthday of my last baby. I am having such a hard time letting go. In just 24 hours I will not have any babies left in the house!!!
With the tress turning about a month early and my sweet baby girl as pleasant as could be-  we snuck out while we could for a few images to celebrate her.

She is such a blessing in my life. Her personality is easy going- funny- silly- and tender. She is quite the cuddler and has some killer kisses. Oh and she totally loves music- you can see her rockin out a bit here too.

And she looks like my grandma <3


Sassy Pants | Pittsburgh Professional Photography

Are there really words for this? If you have ever had the pleasure to meet her- you’d get it.

my larger than life 26 lb star.

More good things to come in the next few days, but I just couldn’t hold this one back.

Good night beautiful people!