breakfast at tiffany’s | Pittsburgh Professional Child Photographer

So I guess why I started this whole gig was to take pictures of MY KIDDOS. It is pretty funny how from August to December my children are lucky to see me let alone my camera. During the cold winter months I love capturing the everyday of my littles.  This is my “make-up time”.

From sick days to breakfast, it is all about the details. Those chubby fingers….constantly wet chin…and persistent determination, that is what my little girl IS. While wiping her chin 10 times a day may be grooooos now I know I am going to miss these days.

The preset collections I created work so well with these types of lifestyle shots too. They actually make it possible to edit my personal image so fast- I only pull them into photoshop to prepare for the web display.

These were edited with WOOL BLANKET from the BLISS collection for Lightroom



  1. I love these!!!
    The 2nd row/3rd pic reminds me of the lighting i this pic:

    Wondering what kind of lighting it was? All natural? Light source directly in front?

    I love your lighting, your compositions of this series. I’ll have to look into your presets (love these!!!) though I’m thinking seriously about switching away from LR to PS/ACR due to my red channel being blown lately :(

    I’d love to know more about your lighting in these pics! New follower! Can’t wait to get caught up!

    Great to “meet” you :)