The way I view friendship- hahaha | Pittsburgh’s best child photographer

You may remember each month I am doing this little project with my buddies over at CM Pro . Today is – you guessed it, friendship ; – )
I guess this image kind of sums it up for me. Lifelong friends.

bawahahahah- love my girls.

I swear, my son and I have a shoot planned for him soon! So he will be making an appearance here too!

Oh and of course for those that haven’t seen them…check out Munchkins and Mohawks Presets!!!! This images was a one click edit with Center Stage.

Now on to the talented Elle Walker. I am in love with her second image! You won’t want to miss it!

Oh and you HAVE to Pin this image




  1. Oh this is just the cutest/funniest image ever. I totally agree, it sums it all up, at once. Just love this Tiffany. <3

  2. What a great shot! Cant believe you caught such a great look on your littlest face! What lens did you use to get such creamy bokeh?