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The recording industry produces and sells music.

For generations it had been delivered on records- then 8 tracks, tapes and CDs. But the whole industry changed…….Products that were once tangible were no longer. These pieces of plastic were not the actual product- the music was. These were just the tools to create and deliver their product.

The recording industry failed to see this coming and there for they lost billions upon billions of dollars when consumers no longer needed them to enjoy their product.

Railroads focused on trains not transportation- so when the airline industry erupted the the railroad industry lost ground. And again with Kodak- the leaders were stuck on film. They nearly lost it all when they were reluctant to move to digital in the 1990s.

Often we spend too much time energy focusing on what isn’t important. The latest and greatest camera- the best glass- the coolest props- whatever! Think about it…what are you selling? What is your product??


I shoot for my clients to have heirlooms on their walls. To be passed down for generations. They don’t care what camera I have or how full my prop closet is. I strive to create not only memorable images, but the experience itself. I want them to come back wanting more adventure with us. I love my clients and most often we become friends. It really is an amazing blessing. I think when your view shifts from being hired to take pictures to helper of creating memories, things change.

So I guess my point was birthed from my daily devotional that states:

Take a moment to think about your product and the tools you use to deliver it. Don’t confuse them. Protect the product, not the tool.

-One Year Mini for Leaders Judges 8:27

On that note I would love to offer to you one of my favorite lenses. The image on the right was shot with it.

It is a Nikkor 35 mm 1.8… a little $200 lens.

Let’s- as an industry- try to focus less on what we have and more on what we can offer. We don’t need that 4K camera or the 2k lens. See what amazingness you can create with $200 ;- )

How to Enter:

1. Comment on this blog post and let me know you are a fan on facebook HERE . Good for ONE entry. Please only comment once for this.  If you are already a fan just say that as well. Make sure to “like” the post on facebook too!

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The rules and fine print:

The giveaway will begin today Wednesday March 28th 2012. I will announce a winner on a Tuesday April 3rd, 2012.  I will be checking IP addresses so please please play fair.

If you are a Cannon shooter- the prize may be exchanged for a $200 gift certificate to B&H photo.

The winner will be chosen randomly via random.org.

Good luck and let’s rock out what we have. It’s about the product not the tool.


  1. I’m a facebook fan and a Canon shooter, but like you said….it’s the memories that matter, not the gear. Love your work <3

  2. Well… I’ve always liked you. :). I think I could do great things with this lens and would love to add it to my bag. Could definitely use a wider lens! Love your work tiffany. <3

  3. I love this! I’m just a beginner/hobbiest and don’t have the money to shell out on really expensive equipment. Nice to know that you don’t have to pay a lot to get an amazing shot! I’m a fan on facebook!