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A good friend of mine has been urging me to do a 365 project- where you shoot and post your image of every day of the year. She had stressed to me how quickly time goes by and how my littlest is quickly approaching ONE! To be able to have those captures- really watching them grow up right before your eyes sound amazing. Well- in a perfect, one child, stay at home mom life- I might have, but let’s get real!I have THREE kiddos- one with special needs- a full time business, and a crazy workaholic hubby. Um- nope. not gonna happen. I know my limits!

So when the opportunity arose to join in on this project I was game. Once a month- now I can handle that- maybe. For the next year myself along with 11 other talented photographers are challenging ourselves to get out and show you all how we see things. I will be linking to their blogs as well so you can travel though their work and see “the way they view….”. (Now I jumped in a tad late, so next month I promise to be stellar- It did force me to shoot more my sweet baby girl- albeit in my PJs in the yard ! Man – My neighbors think I am crazy for sure!!) I promise to be better prepared next month.

With this project, I hope to have many if not all of my posts featuring my children. I hate that I take beautiful portraits of so many other families, but Christmas pictures once a year is the best my kiddos get.

2012 is a year of purpose. It is about making it worth it. This project is part of my contribution to them…my kiddos…my life…why I do this.

Come with me and follow along to see “the way I view……..”.

So with my mommy goggle strapped on tight

…….. new beginnings.

Be sure to continue on with the circle to see how other photographers see things……….

Jennifer Dell Photography is up next!


  1. I’m with Taryn- this is the reason you are up til crazy hours….. these are the moments YOU will look back and cherish. Good for you. Love Harlow… that chunk is soooooo sweet! xoxo

  2. These are just lovely; what a beautiful baby! And this is your YARD?!?! I am insanely jealous that you can get photos like this while still in your pajamas–LOL!

  3. Tiff, it’s so nice 2 c u doing something like this 4 ur own family!!!…what a precious gift 4 ur children…& u ;-)…looks like ur off 2 a gr8 start already…can’t wait 2 c what u come up with each month…

  4. She is just beautiful! I think I seriously ooohh and ahhh every time I visit your blog :) I just started a similar project, our littles do grow so fast and it’s important to capture them, I look forward to seeing more posts!

  5. Eeeep!!! These are so cute, Tiffany!! I love (LOVE!) new little baby teeth!! And her hat is adorable. You did a lovely job here…maybe I should try shooting in my pajamas. Hmm….