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Sixty….seconds that is. It all started a few days back when the snow began. It was really coming down. We haven’t had much around here which is not the norm. Actually can you believe I haven’t shot in the snow at all this season yet! So this was a must do! Off to the closet I went to see what we could whip together. Tone on tone- I knew that much . I really try to pay attention to keeping tonal harmony in my images. I love texture too and layering- so there ya have it. Some fur- brocade- and lace….crown that is.  You probably have noticed I shoot a lot with these beautiful crowns. Well- I think everyone should feel like royalty plus it is super fun!

If The Crown Fits is a beautiful little shop with all sorts of pretties for you princess. Clothes- check, snow- check, crown- check, happy child- well……..

Really it was pretty much over before it started. See that shot near the end of the set. Yep- that is my baby girl throwing really cold and wet snow.  It was all down hill from there. The stinging pain of frostbitten hands pretty much stinks more than anything

That’s it.

Wait- I lied. That wasn’t it. I was pretty discouraged by the screeches of my sweet girl, that when one of my best friends Taryn, from Blu Hippo Photography, came over she insisted that I go jump into some clothes and get in there.  How convenient to have a BFF be a photog ; – ) Since my girlie was still dressed and the baby had woken up game was on. At least for another 60 seconds.




Good stuff in no time flat  ; – )

Thanks T- xoxo. I love this image of me and my girls sooo much. Now my next mission is my boys! Stay tuned. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Love the ones of your girl with her crown & the one of you & your baby girls is priceless–you know those get me every time. I’m sure your husband will treasure the one of all 3 of his girls! Beautiful ;)

  2. Arden is breathtaking. Poor Jonas and Parker…..lol!
    You girls are so beautiful not only from the outside but inside….Love ya!

    Looking forward to seeing Bud and Landon up here!

    And love what you’ve done with the blog!!!! It looks perfect!

  3. Beautiful tones! and images but that poor child had to be freezing! haha oh the joys of having a photog as a momma :)

  4. oh wow, look how gorgeous you are! What a beautiful image of you and your girls! And the ones of your daughter are so sweet, I know it was beyond frigid that day, I could not even bring myself to get out there! You have some real creative motivation!

  5. oh, thank you thank you thank you for telling us where you found those awesome crowns. Beautiful pictures as always, you are all so gorgeous.

  6. OH!!! This is just precious Tiffany! You and your girls are just lovely! So happy that you got in this shot too! All is looking so amazing as usual!