glamorous | Greensburg Child photography

Think my job is pretty glamorous, huh? I get to shoot amazingly beautiful people, impeccably dressed, with their adorable children. It is pretty amazing.

Glamorous, though, I am not so sure. Most of the time I can be spotted in yoga pants with Hunter boot and a harmonica hanging out of my mouth. Then there is the sneezing things off my head, sifting through tall grasses, and laying in the snow. Buuut-

when you get a shot like this it makes it all worth it!!!

I am sooo in love with this image : – ) And isn’t she just the prettiest little princess.

My favorite little crowns from If the Crown Fits

She really liked me when I stripped her down and let her roll around on the floor. It is so fun to see then learning lots of new tricks. Every time I would put her on her belly she would roll on back over. It was so cute! Plus she was really proud!

And little miss and her dad. She’s got his heart already.

But seriously, this family was GORG!!!!!
I really do have the best job in the world. I hope your images make you as happy as they do me !

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  1. WOW, what a gorgeous family! I love this session Tiffany and the styling. Seriously love everything about it — the first shot is amazing! The second is just adorable, what a princess! Love the mobile and you capturing her stage of development there. And then, the family! On daddy’s toes pulls at the heartstrings. Wow is all I can say about that!