doubley blessed | Pittsburgh professional photographer

There ares some people you just connect with – they were just one of those people.

From the minute they contacted me I knew this was going to be something special. Their circumstances were extraordinary.

The babies to be were going to be showered in so much love that it was amazing to be part of it. From their gorgeous – all be it last minute- maternity session to our peaceful day of cuddling them for their own shoot, they have been lovely through and though.

What an honor to be able to be part of such an intimate time in their lives. To capture life as it created ……ahhhh-mazing!

Now onto the the twins!

They couldn’t be more different.  From looks to personality- they may be twins, but they are going to be leaving their own stamps on the world for sure. He is mild mannered and peaceful. She is spunky and vivacious. But both were just so fun to cuddle!!!!

Now enjoy!

a little smile

some cuddle time

from their heritage

just fun

thanks for looking!



  1. These are beyond amazing, Tiffany! Simply perfect and stunning in every way! Those babies are GORGEOUS…your pictures are gorgeous…the parents are gorgeous…absolutely amazing session! Makes me want twins!

  2. ahhhh, such beautiful and soothing colors, and absolutely precious babies. I just love these. Especially the very first and last ones.

  3. Ok wow wow wow wow wow!!! These are stunning! I especially love the ones with mom and dad having cuddle time. They must be thrilled with these!

  4. As a mother of twins I know how difficult it can he to get 2 babies to cooperate!!! Beautiful photos.

  5. It helps when the clients are so beautiful, but these photos are amazing in their own right as well.
    I came over from Clickin Moms’ link, and am curious about how you got such great skin tones even with the white in the photo. I hear photographers sometimes advice clients not to wear white in case it leads to blow out…and yet yours are so lovely. Would love to hear your thoughts on using white props or clothing.

  6. Hi Deidre. thanks for taking the time to come on over to the blog. When shooting clients in all white you must make sure that your light source is filtered even light. You will not want to shoot this in direct sun- which is where you will have “hot spots” or blow outs. Also working with RAW files you are selectively able to pull back the exposure as needed. Hope that helps!

  7. WOW!! Absolutely stunning! Did she seriously just have twins? Cause she certainly doesn’t look like it!!! She looks amazing!

  8. Wow!! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site. Your photos are so very lovely and creative…the lighting, composition, clothes, props, etc. And your website is unique and interesting…even the name is fun and clever!! :)

    I also live in Pittsburgh and am a VERY amateur photographer. I look forward to following your work and picking up a few tips!

    All the best,