Cindy | Pittsburgh Child Professional Photographer

Well- it is here…smack dab in the middle of busy season. Some days I think I won’t survive, but then another day comes and goes and I am still here ; – )

What an incredible blessing to be able to give families beautiful memories- that thought keeps me going through the many sleep skipping nights !

So at 3:01 am as I write this- this family still brings a smile to my face. So full of life.

I was contacted bu this mom to do something a bit out of my norm, but hey I am always up for the challenge.

A horse- she says…why sure ; – )

So on this beautiful farm we watch them play.

To see them interact and just be themselves was awesome….jumping from hay stack to haystack- sword fighting- pretending that Mr.Ed was a real live unicorn- and finally running of into the sunset just for fun. Pure joy and ease.

Not a care in the world here.




Thanks for being so patient mom! Hope you love them.


  1. Holy cow – the ones with the horse are just AMAZING! Seriously, you are so much more than a photographer. You really do create pieces of art. Just amazing.

  2. You are so talented! These fantasies you create are beautiful! These should be on canvas, hanging in a fine art gallery!!!!

  3. I Can not pick a favorite – I love the purple on the horse – the little girls crown is beautiful and the children are gorgeous. You create a story = I love each picture for a different reason

  4. I litterally gasped when I saw these…I can’t wait till Tuesday to see the rest! You absolutly captured my Kyle’s spirit, him hugging the horse was his way of keeping Royal calm for Lexi….
    Sweet stuff, I never had a dought!!!Thanks for getting me in, I am so glad it worked out!!!

  5. Beautiful family and beautiful images. So many fabulous ones that I couldn’t pick a favourite. What stunning children then are.

  6. What a stunning family. These photos are breathtaking – I can’t imagine having to choose which of these to hang up in my house because they are honestly all incredible. Your use of light and props/colors is just perfect.