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No symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy.
– Bern Williams

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Sunday Smiles | Pittsburgh’s Best Family Photographer

Typical Sunday with the family…when they aren’t at the Hockey rink :-) One of my favorite Pittsburgh Penguin Families- well fav families in general for that matter.
Our studio was filled with the sweet sound of giggles and warm feeling of hugs.  Make my heart burst with happiness to create imagery that captured this lovely mood.

styling by the amazing : The Borrowed Boutique

eeek- an amazing place to RENT dresses for your littles photo shoots <3

Happy Fri-Yay!


fairytale | pittsburgh child and family photographer

Life itself it the most wonderful fairytale of all……

Hans Christian Anderson california child and family photographer


teddy bear | Chicago Family and Child Photographer

A Boy’s Verse:To My Teddy

When I was only four days old

You came to live with me

And gave me all the love you hold

Quite unreservedly.

Oh Teddy Bear

I still love thee

As much as I did then,

Though now we both are forty-three

And very nearly men.


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