glamorous | Greensburg Child photography

Think my job is pretty glamorous, huh? I get to shoot amazingly beautiful people, impeccably dressed, with their adorable children. It is pretty amazing.

Glamorous, though, I am not so sure. Most of the time I can be spotted in yoga pants with Hunter boot and a harmonica hanging out of my mouth. Then there is the sneezing things off my head, sifting through tall grasses, and laying in the snow. Buuut-

when you get a shot like this it makes it all worth it!!!

I am sooo in love with this image : – ) And isn’t she just the prettiest little princess.

My favorite little crowns from If the Crown Fits

She really liked me when I stripped her down and let her roll around on the floor. It is so fun to see then learning lots of new tricks. Every time I would put her on her belly she would roll on back over. It was so cute! Plus she was really proud!

And little miss and her dad. She’s got his heart already.

But seriously, this family was GORG!!!!!
I really do have the best job in the world. I hope your images make you as happy as they do me !

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Lullabye Landing!!!!! | Pittsburgh Professional Photography

I promised you all some more fee stuff!

Most of you know that Munchkins and Mohawks shoots are all styled before hand. Lots of planning and prep goes into designing a shoot. I work with a lot of amazing vendors. I lean on these people to help carry out my vision.  The next vendor I love to help complete my looks is Lullabye Landing.  They are a high end local to Pittsburgh boutique, but that being said, don’t worry if you are not local-they ship anywhere! I have many out of town clients that we have been able to pull looks for and Stefanie, the owner, is able to accommodate virtually anything we need!!! So- the shoot below is featuring one of the newest lines they are carrying. It is Persnickety Clothing. I style many many shoots in the designer. The quality- colors- and details are amazing!!

We will be giving away an amazing Persnickety headband, retail value $38 PLUS a $40 gift certificate for Lullabye Landing!!!!

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 Winner will be announced Thursday and randomly selected from random.org  Have fun- and watch for lots more freebies from Munchkins and Mohawks!!!

This is the gorgeous headband you can win!!!! It is really beautiful. I will be using one too in an upcoming shoot! Look for it!

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crowned | Pittsburgh Professional Children’s phtotographer

Okay that was fun! The winner of the Arden crown is:


Congrats…look for an email from If the Crown Fits with all the details!!! Also- stay tuned for more freebies from Munchkins and Mohawks!


arden| Pittsburgh Professional Photographer giveaway

I recently posted a little shoot with my daughter in this crown. Everyone seemed to love it! Soooo- I think you all need one too!!!!

I will be giving away the Arden crown tonight!

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Good Luck!

The new styles pictured here coming soon on If The Crown Fits Store